How to Install Xtrix TV IPTV for Android Box

In today’s digital age, watching TV via the Internet has become a popular way. Premium IPTV Subscription is a technology that lets you stream TV channels over the Internet, and Xtrix TV IPTV is one of the high-profile options. If you own an Android Box, you can install Xtrix TV IPTV to make your TV viewing experience even more colorful. In this article, we’ll show you how to install Xtrix TV IPTV to let you enjoy a variety of live TV channels. VOD TV movies on demand, valuable sports channels, and more on your Android Box.


Note: There is one more thing you need to do before installing: buy an IPTV subscription code or get an IPTV free test code.

How do I get an IPTV subscription or test?

  • 2. Select the best IPTV activation code on the Buy IPTV or IPTV Trial page.
3 Days IPTV free trial

IPTV Free Trial

  • +1300 Live TV & +3000 VOD
  • TV Guide (EPG)
  • Plus with Catch Up & Cloud PVR
  • Reliable & Stable Server
  • Supported to Android & Firestick
  • 3 days Free Trial, No CC
  • Instant Activation

How to install Xtrix TV IPTV for Android Box

Install Xtrix TV IPTV on your Android Box is simple, a few steps away. Now I will show you step by step about its installation process. Please follow our pace.

Step 1: Enable unknown sources.

  • Power on your Android TV and ensure it’s connected to the internet.
  • Before installing the Xtrix TV app on your Android TV, it’s advisable to enable installations from unknown sources.Turn-ON-Unknown-Sources
  • Navigate to Settings > Security & Restrictions > Toggle on the Unknown Sources option.enable-unknown-sources

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Step 2: Download the Xtrix TV app

  • 1. Access the Xtrix TV Android box app from your PC’s web browser, insert a USB drive into your PC, and download the APK file onto the USB drive.

About Xtrix TV APK:

What you need to understand is that in Xtrix TV IPTV you need to download the APP that matches your device. If you have obtained the IPTV code of what version, then your APP needs to download the matching version. Please download the appropriate Android box APP for your needs.

  • 2. After transferring the file, safely eject the USB drive and insert it into the HDMI port of your Android TV.
  • 3. Allow some time for the Xtrix TV app to install on your Android TV. Please click Install.
Xtrix TV-install-3
  • 4. Wait a few seconds and click “Open“. Xtrix TV will be installed on your Android box.
Xtrix TV-open

Step 2: Activate Xtrix TV IPTV on Android Box

  • 2. The Xtrix TV IPTV application screen is displayed.
activate-xtrix tv-iptv-1
  • 2. Click the User Center to open the activation interface and enter the IPTV activation code. Complete IPTV Instant Activation.
activate--xtrix tv-iptv-2



1. How to get the Xtrix TV IPTV test code?

Go to the Xtrix TV website to register an account. And get the test code on the test page.

2. Where can I find the obtained IPTV subscription code?

1. After login, please view it in my account – My Orders – View Orders -SKU/IPTV CODE.
2. Check email to get subscription codes

3. Can you download IPTV on Android?

Yes, first you need to get our test code or subscription code and download the Android device matching APK program. Complete the installation activation so you can watch your favorite shows on Xtrix TV.

4. Are Android TV boxes worth it?

Whether an Android TV box is worth it depends on your needs. They offer content variety, customization, and affordability. Consider performance, software updates, and legal use. Research and choose a reputable model based on your preferences. It can be a valuable addition to non-smart TVs or those who want more streaming options. However, alternatives like streaming devices or smart TVs may suit your needs better. Evaluate what aligns with your entertainment preferences before deciding.

5. What does an Android box do?

An Android TV box makes your TV smarter. It lets you stream content, install apps, browse the web, and play media files. Some support voice control, gaming, and smart home integration. It’s a versatile entertainment and productivity tool for your TV.


With the steps provided in this article, you should now have installed Xtrix TV IPTV. and be able to enjoy a variety of TV channels and entertainment content on your Android Box. Keep in mind that when using an IPTV subscription service. you need to make sure you have a stable Internet connection for the best viewing experience. Of course, before subscribing, I recommend you select the IPTV Trial for the service first. This is to allow you to test the stability of the service. In the meantime, I hope this article will help you and make your TV viewing experience more enjoyable! If you have any questions or need further help, please feel free to consult the official support or community of Xtrix TV. May you enjoy high-quality TV entertainment!

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